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The real reason behind this post is that I MADE THE TOP I’M WEARING!!!   There I go again… Modesty?  What is that?  I picked out the material around 2pm on Saturday, and I had designed and finished sewing the top by the time Mr. Knight picked me up for our night out.  The picture below is just as janky as the hem was– but please forgive me, I never thought to take a legit pic of me modeling it 😉


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Rockin’ My Top

All of the pictures in my recent posts are from my trip back East.  Nothing new here… I wore the tunic I made out on the night before Thanksgiving.  I’m like a proud mama of the little baby tunic I made.  I really have to work on not blurting out that “I made it!” when someone comments on or compliments my fashions.  Oh hell, who cares.  I did make it and I am proud of it… uneven hem and all…

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Turning a Corner

So here is my first attempt at a high waist skirt. (more…)

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Another rainy Sunday.  It’s Daylight Savings.  Even after gaining an hour I am going to be dead tired tomorrow because I am still up right now.


I went to the fabric store today.  The store smells like those little red hot mini heart candies or Big Red gum… neither of which I have ever been a fan of– who wants their mouth to feel or smell like it’s on fire?  Anyway, the smell in the store didn’t bother me today; I actually found it comforting. I walked up and down the same aisles as always, running my hand along the bolts of fabric, feeling unusually creative and uninspired at the same time.    Feeling uninspired while I shuffled my feet around the store had a little something to do with the weather.  A lot of it had to do with the fact that I was wishing I was at Britex instead… but I am putting myself on a budget until after my visit to CT, so Britex, my love, you will have to wait for me… (more…)

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