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Another rainy Sunday.  It’s Daylight Savings.  Even after gaining an hour I am going to be dead tired tomorrow because I am still up right now.


I went to the fabric store today.  The store smells like those little red hot mini heart candies or Big Red gum… neither of which I have ever been a fan of– who wants their mouth to feel or smell like it’s on fire?  Anyway, the smell in the store didn’t bother me today; I actually found it comforting. I walked up and down the same aisles as always, running my hand along the bolts of fabric, feeling unusually creative and uninspired at the same time.    Feeling uninspired while I shuffled my feet around the store had a little something to do with the weather.  A lot of it had to do with the fact that I was wishing I was at Britex instead… but I am putting myself on a budget until after my visit to CT, so Britex, my love, you will have to wait for me… (more…)


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Oh, so snood-y!

Last year was my first “winter” in northern California.  I scoffed at anyone who even dared to complain that it was cold when it was nearing 50 degrees.  I was constantly stared at entering my work building without a coat on and asked, “Aren’t you freezing?”.  I responded proudly and with a smile pretty much every time saying “Nope, I’m from Connecticut!”  I wore my peacoat to work ONCE.  In January.


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