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 I have never been one of those weird people that likes cats…… Until NOW!

My mom came home with a cat when I was little, and although I don’t recall the backstory to it, I believe it was random considering we didn’t keep it for long and we never had another cat after that.  The cat was a girl; her name was Cincee.   I despised her for hiding under my bed and scratching at my heels when I’d get up in the morning.  It immediately put me in the category of a “dog person”.   I’ve only ever had one dog, “Barney” and I consider myself loyal to him.  However, I sent many silent thanks to my old feline friend whenever my friends and I played “What’s Your Stripper Name?” in school (First Pet’s Name + Street Name).  Barney doesn’t stand a chance against “Cincee Nevers”.

Here is another four-legged friend of mine:  Dallas.  He belongs to Denise and Richie.  We bonded right away.  He made himself a little home in my suitcase.  I might just try to snatch him up and take him home with me.


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