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 I have never been one of those weird people that likes cats…… Until NOW!

My mom came home with a cat when I was little, and although I don’t recall the backstory to it, I believe it was random considering we didn’t keep it for long and we never had another cat after that.  The cat was a girl; her name was Cincee.   I despised her for hiding under my bed and scratching at my heels when I’d get up in the morning.  It immediately put me in the category of a “dog person”.   I’ve only ever had one dog, “Barney” and I consider myself loyal to him.  However, I sent many silent thanks to my old feline friend whenever my friends and I played “What’s Your Stripper Name?” in school (First Pet’s Name + Street Name).  Barney doesn’t stand a chance against “Cincee Nevers”.

Here is another four-legged friend of mine:  Dallas.  He belongs to Denise and Richie.  We bonded right away.  He made himself a little home in my suitcase.  I might just try to snatch him up and take him home with me.


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Turning a Corner

So here is my first attempt at a high waist skirt. (more…)

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Another rainy Sunday.  It’s Daylight Savings.  Even after gaining an hour I am going to be dead tired tomorrow because I am still up right now.


I went to the fabric store today.  The store smells like those little red hot mini heart candies or Big Red gum… neither of which I have ever been a fan of– who wants their mouth to feel or smell like it’s on fire?  Anyway, the smell in the store didn’t bother me today; I actually found it comforting. I walked up and down the same aisles as always, running my hand along the bolts of fabric, feeling unusually creative and uninspired at the same time.    Feeling uninspired while I shuffled my feet around the store had a little something to do with the weather.  A lot of it had to do with the fact that I was wishing I was at Britex instead… but I am putting myself on a budget until after my visit to CT, so Britex, my love, you will have to wait for me… (more…)

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An afternoon in San Francisco with Mr. Knight


I experienced the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art today with Mr. Knight.  He is taking an art history class and has to write a 4-page paper on the piece of his choice.  I invited myself along.  (more…)

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Happy Halloweenie!



After spending $70+ on a skimpy Tinkerbell costume, I decided instead to wear a jeans and tee to watch Game 3 of the World Series at BJ’s Brewery.  I had a great day cheering on the Bay Area team and ended the night with a little taste of Boston with The Town.  I never used to be into Ben Affleck; I thought he was overrated.  I have since changed my mind.  Yum!

Tonight I will be escorting to my two baby nieces to Trick or Treat.  The Pumpkin and the Tootsie Roll… they melt my heart ❤


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Yes, I’m a few days behind on this post, but I just watched Gretchen Jones’ runway show on Project Runway for the 3rd time.  I have been Team Gretchen the entire season, and it might be partly due to just wanting to hear what she’ll say next.  She has an opinion on EVERYTHING, she tells it how it is no matter who she offends (all the while not even being aware that she is being offensive), and it was just hilarious to watch.  Welp, she knows her shit.  Rock on.

Gretchen's collection, "Running Through Thunder"


It’s like the first sip of a drink you really want…  seeing these girls walk the runway makes me eager to do it again



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Oh, so snood-y!

Last year was my first “winter” in northern California.  I scoffed at anyone who even dared to complain that it was cold when it was nearing 50 degrees.  I was constantly stared at entering my work building without a coat on and asked, “Aren’t you freezing?”.  I responded proudly and with a smile pretty much every time saying “Nope, I’m from Connecticut!”  I wore my peacoat to work ONCE.  In January.


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