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Headed out to the ‘country’ over 4th of July weekend.  Just getting around to a post now… Life has been hectic the past 6 weeks.  I deactivated Facebook temporarily so I’d have more time to focus on my blog.  Not happening.  It just so happened that I was also informed I’m losing my job, so my new claim is that Facebook is down until I score my next gig.  Whatever works.  Here are a few pics from the 6,000 square foot “cottage” on 20 acres up near Lake Oroville, CA:

Georgia girl, or as both nieces call her, “Gorga”

A lil’ taxidermy…

A few of my favorite local brews:  21st Amendment Hell or High Watermelon and Pyramid‘s Apricot Ale

My brother-in-law is a T-shirt, shorts, and flip-flop kind of guy.  So much so, that he changed out of his formal attire at his wedding into the above mentioned self-imposed uniform before it was time to cut the cake.  At least he wears some sweet ass T’s like the one shown here:

It was a great weekend, but let’s be honest:


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