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My weekend


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Foster the People

Yes, there’s more.  I finally have their debut album; released last month.  I was trying my hardest to continue listening to them on Pandora.  That way, I could intermingle their fabulous first album with sounds from similar artists, and avoid the crash and burn when getting too much of a good thing.  I’ll let you know when it happens.  I’m waiting for the songs that I don’t absolutely gush over to slowly become by favorites, as it always happens that way.   This music just moves me.  Literally.  Not deep down in the bones as Adele does to me.  No, this is more of a jittery foot tapping, shoulder twitching, head nodding that I just can’t control.  I’ve noticed that I must look quite interesting at my work desk, and driving in the car.  I just cannot sit still when this music is on!  I love this video of the band on YouTube.  Mark and I have similar moves- all I’ve mentioned above, plus what looks a cross between the one-armed doggy paddle and Lucy’s wrist-snap/finger-point.

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This is a normal scene in our kitchen as we prepare for an outing, BYOB-style:

We were on a mission:

We stopped in American Cupcake and waited for the sunshine– not a bad pit stop:

Several bars later, a run-in with The Love Boat party-goers, and the bar-back that confiscated my roomie’s road soda, we headed home.

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My sissa turns 30 this weekend!  She told me the most “thoughtful” gift she received was this basket of 30 beers from her co-worker.  Yup, we’re definitely related.

(Please note: at the time of this post, she has not opened gifts from myself or her hubby- so we still have a chance!)

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My girlfriends are trying to get me to take a white water rafting trip with them this summer.  I don’t enjoy camping, or the possibility of drowning, and I’d really like to keep my friends, so it’s best I sit this one out.  What I’d really like to spend my weekend doing is attending this:

Outside Lands – San Francisco, CA

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It rained the entire week prior to the festivities, but you better believe the music gods cleared the skies for us on Sunday.  It was a long ass day, and I never wanted it to end.

Genius: Lineup Tattoo

The main shows took place in the amphitheater: Linkin Park, Snoop Dogg, The Strokes, Cage the Elephant.  The parking lot had two stages set up, and a subsonic tent.  While one performer was on one stage, the stage next to it was set up for the next band.  It was just music everywhere!  We caught Harvard Bass and Blaqk Audio in the subsonic tent: it was my first experience with crowd surfers.  My calves got quite a workout from jumping up and down in place for so long.  I somehow got shin splints, too.

Foster the People stole the effing show.   We had an amazing view, except for this tall dude fist pumping in front of me the whole time.

Foster the People


Drum & Maraca combo


We need more cowbell





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Being “On”

I have two beautiful baby nieces that I adore.  My 2-year old niece is my #1 fan these days.  I am going to enjoy every minute of it in case being cool Auntie Amber one day goes out of style.  My 1-year old niece has my name, so she couldn’t get rid of me if she tried!

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