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Feeding my soul

I have been hemming and hawing about purchasing Adele concert tickets on June 4th.  It’s the third night in a row I’ve sat staring at the computer screen searching for tickets… at a price I can justify. Adele reaches me deep down to my bones.  Her voice gives me chills.  Another plus?  The venue.  The 108 year old Greek Theater in Berkeley, CA:

My therapist listened to me as I hemmed and hawed over joining photography class, and the sewing workshop in July, and the Live 105 BFD Concert June 5th (which might I add is going to be abso-freakin-lutely amazing:  Awolnation?! Neon Trees?! Cage the Elephant?! Foster the People?! …. My heart is pounding.)

She calmly tells me “You’re feeding your soul”.  Correct.  I am not out buying clothes (which I really, really, really wish I had extra money to go do!); I am spending my money on things I am passionate about.  Experiences that I want to be a part of who I am.    That’s what this is all about anyway, right?


I recall having my “quarter-life crisis” a year early.  I was recently single at 24 and felt so lost.  I wasn’t the same person then as when I entered the relationship, whether I knew it at the time or not.

My mother sent me a card in the Spring of 2009, after we had just visited my sister and her first baby girl in California:

Little did everyone know, at that point I had decided to pack up and move cross-country to the west coast.
Go figure, that same summer, I found this little guy in a tiny cookie:

The other side of the ‘fortune’:

It’s like she knew….

However, “24” wasn’t just a year of rediscovery for me.  It was the beginning.  A turning point in my life.  It was one of those milestones that people don’t actually celebrate, but I’ll never forget it.


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Last weekend I came across a few pieces of jewelry that I made in high school and they’ve just made a comeback.

I remember filling pages of graph paper with jewelry designs, and being stoked that it was considered “homework”.  I wonder if the notebook is still in storage back in CT.  I also wonder if the same teacher is still at the school.  She was tall and thin, with long and dark frizzy locks.  She had these sunken-in eyes constantly covered with over-sized shades before it was even a trend.  She was a tough cookie, possibly a stoner, and possibly screwing one of the English teachers.

Here’s a tiny cuff with a bezel-set turquoise color stone that I made.  I’m using the info I’m learning in photography class to get creative (Aperture, rear flash, shutter speed, B&W), so here goes nothing  something:

I’m dying over the next few pics.  Remember, I don’t have a tripod.  It’s on the list, behind several other obligations and things I want/need. So, I work with what I’ve got.  Me, myself, and I.  I snap these self portraits one-handed, and this time, with a glass of wine in my free hand.  I thought of my photography instructor as I wobbled the camera in my hand practically holding it upside down.  I imagine he’d shake his head the same way he does when he sees me pull my camera out of my handbag.  Along with my water bottle.  And my Ziploc bag of pretzels. And a Laughing Cow cheese.  What?  I have a high metabolism–I get hungry during the two hour class.

I handcrafted the three-loop ring on my middle finger.  The twisted silver ring to the right is one I purchased recently at Fisherman’s Wharf after Sami ordered me two Three Olives Chocolate martinis, then had me finish her Three Olives Espresso martini because she decided she wanted a margarita on the rocks with sugar on the rim instead.  I recall trying to bargain with the owner of the sidewalk stand and telling her if it turned my finger green I was coming back to get my $5.

Lastly, is a pewter pendant my father told me belonged to his father.  I’ve had it for years and never put it on a chain until this past week.  I love it.

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Welp, I did it again.  And I’m shaking my head at myself.  Again.  I call it being cheap; those who love me call it being “frugal”.  Maybe it’s that I’m starting to feel old and have reverted back to my rebellious high school years?  Either way, my roommate and I brought our own alcohol with us again this past Thursday night.  And no, we weren’t hanging out at one of those cute bring-your-own-bottle-of-wine places.  No, we were at a very nice restaurant/lounge that we frequent, well, quite frequently.  After chatting it up with the same cocktail waitress we see every week and have actually exchanged phone numbers with, and thanking the hot, married bartender for feeding us for free last week when we were hammered (at least we think it was for free), we bought our first drink.  Our only paid drink of the evening.   I was carrying around a water bottle full of wine wrapped in a soft ice pack all stuffed in a Ziploc bag. 

Karma’s a bitch because after I walked out of the bar with my wine glass in my bag, the whole thing spilled out as a tromped down the street.   Go figure.  The highlights of the night were the live music, and the young lad in the velour tracksuit that requested John Denver’s “Country Roads”.  Good times.

The Smokin' J's at 1515

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SF Oyster Fest 2011

I scored a free ticket to the 12th annual San Francisco Oyster Fest over the weekend.  A friend of a friend had extra special reserve tickets and I gladly accepted the invite!

I was all oystered-out after Napa’s fest; I had 6 BBQ oysters on the half shell and it was enough to check it off my List.  Suck, chew, chew, chew, swallow.  Then gag me.  I may be one of the few East Coast chicks that strongly dislikes seafood.  Friday night became Seafood Night during my high school years because my parents knew I wouldn’t be home and therefore wouldn’t complain that the house smells like fish.  Even today, my roommate has sat in the hall outside my bedroom door if she’s wanted to talk to me while eating tuna fish.  Any who… in SF I chose a delicious BBQ chicken breast on a skewer and a sweet roll.  I ate the whole thing.

Kell & I chowin' down and drinkin' up in front of the GGB

Drake’s Bay Oyster stand was actually shut down as we walked up.  I saw the health inspector with her hair tied in a bun and holding her little clipboard.  I overheard that until they get a hand-washing station in their tent, they were shut down!  Good to know someone is paying attention at these events.

The weather was miserable for most of the day.  It was windy and overcast, but it didn’t rain, and the sun eventually made an appearance.   I was prepared with layers and an umbrella just in case– I just wanted to see the bands:

The Silent Comedy, Guster, Pepper

The stage at Fort Mason

It’s a beautiful view from up on the hill.  It was a beautiful view front row for Pepper too!


Pepper's encore: Wake Up

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Cupcake <3

I came home from photography class and went straight for the cupcake.  Correction: Cupcake.  I am “utterly obsessed” with Cupcake Vineyards wine.  I tried my first glass of Cupcake’s Sav Blanc at 1515 with my roommate and I fully enjoyed the sweet, refreshing taste (yes, I have a super sweet tooth).  Trying to switch things up, I ordered another more expensive wine.  Surprisingly the more expensive wine was disgusting and I politely asked to exchange it for the Cupcake.  The bartenders may know at this point what my glass of choice is, as they finish the word for me when I walk in and start to order “Cupcake”.

Blu & Lala at 1515

I attended a birthday party for my friend Dana last month.  I brought her a plate of break-and-bake cookies, and for myself I brought a bottle of Cupcake Sav Blanc.  I shared one glass with a fellow party-goer and may or may not have finished the bottle in my oh-so-classy red plastic beer pong cup.  Classy is as classy does.

beer pong cupcake

My roommate is dating someone that somehow knows someone tied to Cupcake Vineyards or one of their suppliers as he is constantly showing up with bottles of wine.  He’s a keeper just for keeping us stocked!  I tried the Red Velvet tonight and it is so chocolatey-sweet I am just in love… for tonight, that is 😉  Since cutting my daily caloric intake, I assumed (and I was right) that it would go straight to my head.  I did attempt to take a few pics using different exposure settings while hanging out in my kitchen… take a look-see:

No adjustment under our regular (horrid) kitchen bulbs


The correct setting for Horrible Florescent Kitchen Lights 😉

I love this little corner above the sink- The Cucina Corner

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Photog 101

I signed up for a 6-week photography class last week at our local Rec center.  It is actually “Taking control of your digital SLR 101” but still.   It’s a class of 12 that meets every Wednesday evening for 2 hours.  At the end of the six weeks, we are taking a field trip (!!!) to Locke, CA.  I’ve never been, and I’ve never even heard of it, but then again I’m still new to the area and know nothing of tiny surrounding towns.  The instructor told us that it doesn’t look like much, but when we look through our cameras we’ll find plenty to take amazing shots of.  I am so excited!!!  We only touched on the basics in the first class, but it was more than I knew to begin with.  Hell, I’m the only girl that whipped my hefty piece of equipment out of my purse.  My PURSE.  I looked around at all the camera bags and trendy backpacks and shrugged, “oh well”.  Here I am taking a quick selfie– I took so many pics of the garden, but my favorite pics have ME in them so I used my handy dandy patio chair as a tripod…Yup.  Add it to the list.

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Cinco de drinko

I bar hopped on Cinco de Mayo with a few gal pals and we brought our own vodka and diet coke.  And a baggie of lime wedges.  It sounded like a great idea at the time but I can’t stop shaking my head at myself.

We may have gotten one drink each out of this brilliant idea.  After filling up at bar #2, in the bathroom, we walked out proudly with our makeshift cocktails, oblivious to the fact that the diet had already gone flat and all the ice from our ‘water’ glass has melted.  A kind gentleman commented that we must have been nursing our drinks because they looked so pathetic [ 😉 ], and bought the next two rounds.  Sweet.

The night also included free appetizers, 3 cab drivers to one destination, a Red Sox World Series ring, a 911 call, 7-11, and my roommate hanging on the side of the cab as he drove away because she left her shoes in the backseat.


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