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She’s Crafty

I’m sitting here drowning myself in Fleetwood Mac’s “Silver Springs”–on repeat.  I need to wind down after tonight’s solid effort at the gym.  I vowed not to even enter the gym during January; it was my anti-resolution resolution.  I caved; 14 days in.  And thank goodness I did.  I still haven’t found the motivation I really need, but I am faking it for now.  What I have found motivation for is gettin’ crafty!  My mom sent me a link from Southern Living that showed a DIY desk some chick made out of two saw horses and a door.  This would make the perfect sewing table in my new place!  Now I am on the hunt for some antique-y looking pieces, so it doesn’t look like I have a Home Depot woodworking station in my future living room.  Thanks, Mom!


P.S. My trainer seemed quite amused when I admitted that the reason I skipped a few sessions was because I was obsessed with sewing … I’m sure she is just thinking up ways to make me pay for it 😉


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Damn- it’s been a crazy few weeks!  New job.  New Home.  Well.. not quite.  I am apartment hunting and it is exhausting.  I think I’ve finally found the perfect little place, within walking distance of my new office building in downtown Walnut Creek.  Adorable.

If living in the moment wasn’t stressful enough, I am obsessed with finding pieces for my new place.  I own one piece of furniture out here in California.  A tiny little end table where my lovely hp currently resides.  Literally.  That’s it.  I bought it for $25 at Target and crammed it into a tiny corner of my already furnished bedroom, which I have been renting for the past 10 months.

Granted I don’t have a million bucks to blow to furnish an entire place all at once, I am really going to savor the move-in process.  I won’t be heading down to Bob’s Discount Furniture and applying for a store credit card, like I did when I was 20 and had my first solo digs.  I will carefully choose each piece.  I’ll shop smarter, not harder 😉

The apartment I have my eyes on has plenty of closet space.  What else is needed?  I moved out to Cali with an open mind, my clothes, and my shoes.  I’ve survived so far.

Me, myself, and my one end table are packing up and spreading our wings.

A few things I’m currently obsessed with:

Fringe Studio Peacock Large Rectangular Tray

Le Cadeaux Madrid Melamine Dinnerware

Aqua Blue Dragons - Le Cadeaux Melamine Dinnerware

Sagaform Wine Glasses


Jason Polan Glass Decoupage Trays

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