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Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

Happy Birthday, Mom!

We love you.


Your Girls (all of them)



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I had to explain to Mr. Knight the reason I didn’t pick up any lunch foods at my local grocer today.  My basket was already full of my wet rainbrella, coffee creamer, and two bottles of wine.  My life in a nutshell.

I had the most delicious Sauvignon Blanc today by a New Zealand winery: Starborough.  As described on their website :

The Starborough 2007 Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc has a plush, approachable style, highlighted by the refreshing fruit accents and acidity that characterize wines from this region. The wine shows flavors of honeydew melon, passion fruit, and peach over a citrus background.

The residual sugar is only 4.0 grams per liter.  Do I sound like I know what I’m talking about?  Thank you, Wikipedia.  Now the appropriately-named wine bar in Walnut Creek, Residual Sugar, finally makes sense….


Wines on tap at Residual Sugar in Walnut Creek, CA





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v.: 1. To behave playfully and uninhibitedly; romp

I’m overcome with a desire to cover myself in bangles, rings, and the most magnificent body chain harness; sheer maxi dresses fashioned purely from crochet and lace, fringe; cut my hair like Grace Potter and frolic through a field of wildflowers… I’m hoping it will pass…I have to work tomorrow.


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The real reason behind this post is that I MADE THE TOP I’M WEARING!!!   There I go again… Modesty?  What is that?  I picked out the material around 2pm on Saturday, and I had designed and finished sewing the top by the time Mr. Knight picked me up for our night out.  The picture below is just as janky as the hem was– but please forgive me, I never thought to take a legit pic of me modeling it 😉

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Lordess of the Rings

I’ll take 20 please…. Considering I have 10 fingers and 10 toes…..

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Adele’s vocals make me want to cry.  Cry and scream simultaneously.  I fell in love with a live version of  “Hometown Glory” I found on Limewire (R.I.P.); and this new single, “Rolling In The Deep” is Ahhhhhh-mazing.  Her lyrics depict a lover scorn, but I’ll listen to her even when I’m in a sunshine kind of mood, because those vocals just get to the core of me.  Love her.

Album due in US by 22 Feb …. I don’t want to wait!

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I’ve been listening to the radio on “SCAN” all week. I’ve heard morning shows in Spanish, Polish, Chinese, and a middle eastern-sounding language I could not decipher. I’ve noticed that I tended to stop on the Classic Rock stations. That may or may not have something to do with the text I sent earlier this week to a friend: I want to be a hippie this winter. I have subsequently programmed in some new presets for my commute.

So happy to be home now after this whirlwind of a week. Swirling the new Argentinian wine I picked up on my way home. It is just delightful, in a may-cause-whiplash kind of way.

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